At Sonus, we want to make sure that all users of our solutions are backed up with comprehensive services, to ensure your investments are optimized and your equipment in productive operation.



Gears in action

The following engineering and technical support services are available at various levels of Service Agreement:

Application and Engineering Services

Sonus supplements our product offerings with professional consulting and engineering services, making sure that our solutions adapt to the specific needs of our clients.

 We provide noise and vibration consulting and engineering services, including lab and road tests, data processing and diagnostic analysis, and recommendations for improvement measures.

 When clients come to Sonus with specific requirements, our engineers would start by discussing your project objectives and implementation methods, so that we could accurately assess your needs to select the most appropriate products and services, to provide you with the most optimized solution. 


Technical Support

Sonus provides initial installation, commissioning and training to our users to ensure that equipment is properly set up and deployed. Additional support is also available to help users daily operations as well as data analysis and processing.

 Sonus offers off-site support via the internet and hotline on daily basis for instant technical support for users. We also regularly visit our user to make sure that problems are resolved.

 Dedicated assistance is available to remotely monitor the system’s operating conditions as well as to help users analyze data and generate reports in case of equipment alarms.

 By request, Sonus also seconds technical support engineers for an extended period to provide support on-site. 


System upgrades and maintenance

Sonus provides different levels of after-sales service and flexible leasing services to ensure the smooth running of projects under any circumstances.

 Hardware and software upgrades

 Warranty Extension

 Periodic on-site checks, maintenance and calibration

 Parts management services to ensure the timely and efficient supply of used spare parts 

 Equipment rental services to meet customers’ temporary testing needs  


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