SMETEC's PID allows you to measure pre-ignition and spark plug heat value with greater efficiency at a fraction of the usual time and cost

Ion Current Measurement

No Pressure Sensors Necessary for Pre-Ignition Detection

COMBI PID enables engineers to monitor pre-ignition without expensive pressure sensors. This also reduces the complexity in long-term operation.

The monitoring mode was designed to detect pre-ignition events during endurance tests at the test bench or during in car investigation. In this mode the system counts every single PI event and stores the result in a file.

Pre-ignition detector

Spark Plug Heat Value Determination

The skip mode was designed to determine the heat values of spark plugs. In this mode the engine runs in steady state on the test bench.

Every N cycles the ignition is inhibited for one cycle. This test is going to repeat M times. COMBI PID counts the numbers of self-ignitions for these skipped cycles. As a final result the user gets a diagram which shows the sensitivity of the engine concerning pre-ignition.

In this mode the user finds out how close the engine runs at the pre-ignition limit. Due to the high flexibility of the skip mode this mode is used more and more for daily evaluation work.

Post Ignition Occurrence over Spark Advance
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