Smart and agile design making rapid samplings at various crank angles possible

Gas Sampling

Time Resolved Sampling of Gas Mixtures

The GSV (Gas Sampling Valve) is a quick, timed sampling valve which can take small amounts of gas out of different locations of an engine. While the sampled gas is transported to the analysis device, the controller prepares the electromagnetically activated valve for the next sampling. A few cycles later the next probe can be taken at a specified time

The controller provides the possibility to synchronize the sampling time with the crank angle of the engine.

The GSV can be used for to determine the local air/fuel-ratio to verify the CFD calculations. The timed resolved sampling makes it easy to find the best ignition time or to recess the knowledge of the mixture formation for different piston positions.

Local Air-Furl-Ratio

Adaption to Various Places on the Engine

The optimized size of the GSV enables the user to sample gas out of almost any areas of the combustion chamber.

 To examine the mixture composition in the spark plug area, the GSV can be fitted with a spark plug adapter. Almost every mass production spark plug can be integrated in this adapter so that the ignition behavior is not changed.

 To analyze the mixture formation in the area of the cylinder liner, a specially prepared head gasket can be used.

 The intake manifold or the exhaust pipes can be examined too.

 If indication probe holes are present, the GSV can be fitted directly without delay because the end of the GSV is identical to a pressure sensor.

Adaption of the GSV


Gas Sampling Valve (GSV) can be combined with a flame ionization detector (FID), CO2-analyzer, mass spectrometer, NOx-analyzer or a soot detector to investigate:

 Local air/fuel ratio of gas mixture

 In-cylinder residual gas distribution

 Multi-component gas analysis


Gas Sampling Valve

Valve stroke

0.3 - 3 mm

Sampling length

0.8 - 3 ms

Sampling time

less than 1 ms


±1 °CA

Sampling frequency

min. 8 cycles

Tube temperature

up to 200 °C

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