Comprehensive End-of-Line Testing
Ensuring Safety and High Quality Across the Board

Battery Cells And Packs End-of-Line Testing

FuelCon's Evaluator EOL test system can be easily adapted to the production line, with the options of manual operation, semi-automatic or fully automatic program, meeting your different requirements for operation without affecting production efficiency.

 "One-button" automatic test operation via touch screen panel
 1ms sampling interval making real-time storage of measurement data possible
 Event-driven script-based programming for complex test processes
 Use of grid feedback output up to 1,000kW
 Suitable for pressure and leak tests, insulation test and voltage proof, various performance tests as well as testing and integration of the battery management system (BMS), including the final classification or good/bad decision


Charging/ Discharging Unit Load with Grid Feedback

Charging/ Discharging Unit (Load with Grid Feedback)

One-Button Operation on Touch Screen Panel

One-Button Operation on Touch Screen Panel

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