The mystery behind the manifold phenomena revealed with the use of advanced technologies

Engine Combustion Analysis

Source: Bosch

Engine design is a complex endeavor, with many factors affecting the combustion process.

With new measurement techniques, previously inaccessible information on the combustion processes from pre-ignition, to mixture formation to flame propagation can now be easily captured. The depth and breadth of these data would be useful in completing the understanding of the combustion process. Thereby, helping you to improve the performance and the efficiency of the engine.    


 Spray formation

Flame kernel development

Flame propagation

 Origin of knock and knock wave

 Pre-ignition detection

Local air/fuel ratio of gas mixture

 In-cylinder residual gas distribution

 Multi-component gas analysis

Combustion and pressure analysis

 Injection trace analysis

Combustion noise detection

 Vibration analysis of crank shaft

 Cold start analysis

 Heat release and mass fraction burned

 Soot formation analysis

 Soot mass and temperature


SMETEC offers a wide array of advance solutions - beginning with pressure indication to high sophisticated optical tools - a complete toolbox that is needed to reach future goals in emission and fuel consumption.

Combustion Imaging

COMBI Analyzer

Fibre Optic Measurement

Combustion Imaging


Ion Current Measurement

Gas Sampling


Users could opt for different Service Agreements to obtain the following technical support as well as upgrades on after-sales services and warranties:

 Application and Engineering Services

Sonus partners SMETEC in customizing the soft- and hardware of existing products to meet specific goals of our users. We may also develop the entire measurement solution on request.

 Technical Support

Consultation and technical support is available to assist in the adaptation and operations of the equipment in the after-sales.

 Maintenance, Repairs and Upgrades

On-site checks, calibration and upgrades on the soft- and hardware of the measurement system can be made available to ensure updated and failure free operations.

For general information on after-sales services and support, please see our Services Section.  

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