Savvy NVH techniques your key to flawless transmission testing

Transmission Testing

For long-term endurance testing during which driveline and transmission are subjected to permanent test runs, a reliable system for the early detection of failures is the key to quicker concept development and more robust designs.

MIG16 SFE measures the impact sound and torsion vibration of the prototype and compares the data with the previously learned threshold values depending on the operating load, so that damage on the test object could be recognized as soon as they occur and thus saves your prototypes. The precision and reliability of the NVH indicators also allows our user to troubleshoot with a snap of the finger.


Intelligent, versatile and efficient system for early recognition of damage in prototypes.

Early Failure Detection Analyzer

Early Failure Detection Analyzer


Users could opt for different Service Agreements to obtain the following technical support as well as upgrades on after-sales services and warranties:

 Technical support via the Phone and the Internet

Sonus and red-ant provide technical support and remote monitoring via secure VPN connection to the measurement system and desktop sharing tools. Questions from the user can be answered directly to ensure fast reactions and an optimal knowledge transfer. 

 Adaptation Services

Our NVH engineers are able to adapt to specific requests such as programming of CustomVIs for special cases and changes in the test procedures.

 System upgrade and maintenance

On-site checks, calibration and upgrades on the soft- and hardware of the measurement system can be made available to ensure updated and failure free operations.

For general information on after-sales services and support, please see our Services Section.  

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