Differentiate your products with systematic and verifiable quality assurance

End-of-Line Transmission Testing

In face of fierce competition in product quality and ever-rising customer expectations, manufacturers are obliged to deploy comprehensive quality assurance. Functional tests at the end of production line, assessing product quality objectively, play a vital role in guaranteeing products with consistently high quality.

Conventional quality assurance program is done mostly by the human eye and ear. It is difficult to identify quality related problems quickly and accurately, especially for complex systems as combustion engines and automatic transmissions. Objective NVH measurement and diagnosis in parallel to the functional tests complete the list of quality criteria with acoustic quality fingerprint.

The comprehensive assessment of the specimens allows for more productive, reliable and verifiable detection and diagnosis of defects. When coupled with a prudent quality management program, objective quality inspection can reduce the rejection rate and increase the stability and yield in the production process of any parts, components, and assembly, such as engines, gearboxes and electric motors.


AQS can be used to detect typical quality-related issues

 Incorrect assembly

 Missing parts

 Shaft imbalance

 Bearing failure

 Abnormal noises such as knocking, squeaking, scraping, rattling


Manual Transmission
Automatic transmission
Electric motor with transmission

Manual Transmission

Automatic Transmission


Electric Motor with Transmission


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Intelligent, versatile and efficient system for early recognition of damage in prototypes

Acoustic Quality Assurance

Acoustic Quality Assurance Analyzer

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