Translated from Shanghai Society of Automotive Engineers

Shanghai, 12 May, 2008, The Shanghai Society of Automotive Engineers, Sonus Technologies, Shanghai Motor Vehicle Inspection Center, China Society of Automotive Engineering Products NVH Committee jointly presented "Applications of NVH Technologies and Three-dimensional Near-Field Acoustic Holography on Vehicle NVH Engineering" at the Shanghai Motor Vehicle Inspection Center. More than 100 experts and representatives from Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center, SAIC Shanghai Automotive Engineering Academy and experts from Taiwan, convened to discuss on the topic of applications of NVH testing technologies on motor vehicles and parts.

The symposium began with welcoming remarks from the Deputy Director of the Shanghai Motor Vehicle Inspection Center, Huang Zhongrong. The guest of honor - renowned Chinese automotive expert and President of NVH Committee, Society of Automotive Engineers of China, Professor Li Chengde was invited to present on the current state of NVH research in China. Professor Li fully affirmed the achievements of the domestic automotive industry in the field of NVH development and was also impressed that so many young people are involved in NVH research. Professor Li pointed out some challenges and issues the industry will have to tackle in order for automotive NVH in China to develop.

Professor Wu Xiaofeng, Chinese scholar from Wayne State University, Editor of the Journal of Computational Acoustics (JCA), Co-Editor of Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (JASA), Researcher at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASNE) and at the Acoustical Society of America (ASA) was specially invited to give a talk on the applications of three-dimensional near-field acoustic holography in NVH testing. Professor Wu not only has impressive academic achievements, but has also recently led his team to develop a product for the commercial use - SenQC.

Professor Wu spoke on how by using Three-dimensional Near-Field Acoustic Holography Technology sound-field within the interior of vehicles could be visualized. He also touched on the contribution rate of interior noise panel, tire noise analysis, air duct noise analysis, engine noise analysis under steady and unsteady conditions, motorcycle noise analysis and related application cases. 

The symposium was well-received and has deepen our understanding of the ways how automotive NVH technology could enhance the level of domestic vehicle NVH research, and improve our research and development ability.

Li Jiaqing (Department of Motorcycles, Shanghai Motor Vehicle Inspection Center)



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