Beijing, 14 November, 2014 - SMETEC’s optical instruments have been adopted by SAIC in the development of their recently launched GDI engine series.

SAIC’s aim for this particular engine is to achieve low emission, low fuel consumption and high low-end torque through mitigating pre-ignition. Extensive experiments have been carried out using SMETEC’s optical diagnostic tools to:

 detect the pre-ignition phenomenon
 locate the positions of pre-ignition
 determine the causes of pre-ignition

With optical instruments, the cause of pre-ignition is shown to be low ignition delay droplets and hot spots around the spark plug. The resulting downsized turbocharged GDI engines have achieved EURO V standards and low NEDC fuel consumption target.

SMETEC’s combustion analysis tools are capable of capturing the complete combustion process in mass production engines via radiation and images, and have been found to be useful in the determination of:

 Flame propagation
 Spray formation
 Knocking
 Pre-ignition
 Soot formation
 Local air-fuel ratio
 Component temperature



As the Exclusive Distributor and Service Provider of SMETEC’s combustion analysis tools in China, Sonus Technologies has been partnering industries in testing by supplying state-of-the-art technology and engineering consultation– solutions that enable industries to be more efficient and competitive in research and development.




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