Date: 23 April, 2009
Venue: Sonus Technologies Co., Ltd., Changchun, China
Trainer: Prof. Chengde Li, President of NVH Committee, Society of Automotive Engineers of China

Introduction to Vibration
Introduction to Acoustics
Measures of Noise and Vibration Control
Automotive NVH Development and Troubleshooting

Who should attend?
➢ Automotive engineers working in design, development and testing of cars and trucks
➢ Senior members of R&D in the fields of automotive structures, vehicle dynamics and NVH
➢ Automotive suppliers with related concerns

About The Trainer:
Renowned expert in the NVH field, Prof. Li was formerly the Leading Expert in charge of vehicle testing technologies and quality improvement at the FAW Technical Centre. During which time, he was responsible for refinement of NVH of over 30 vehicle models as well as the construction of NVH Laboratories and other laboratories at the FAW Technical Center. His achievement was recognized in 1996, being awarded for Technical Excellence in the Chinese Automotive Industry Category. Prof. Li was Vice Chairman and Secretary General, Committee of Ride Comfort, Society of Automotive Engineers of China from 1994-2004 and is currently holding the post of President of the Society’s NVH Committee. Having drawn upon his rich experience in theory and practice, Prof. Li is now offering industries and institutions with professional consultation and engineering services at Sonus. His extensive knowledge in NVH has successfully assisted leaders in the industry to resolve problems encountered in the product development.




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