Chongqing, 29 Dec, 2007 - Prof. Chengde Li - President of NVH Committee, Society of Automotive Engineers of China and founder of Sonus Technologies, together with Kui Wu - Deputy Director of Chongqing Lifan Automobile Research Institute, Yunde Xie - Director of Chongqing Jianshe Motorcycle Research Institute of Applied Technology and Xiaochang Ren - Director of Chongqing NVH Engineering Center were invited to speak at the symposium held at the Chongqing NVH Engineering Center.

The papers presented at the symposium covered a variety of topics including engine noise control, vehicle noise transfer path analysis, muffler design, CAE analysis, sound quality, etc. This was followed by a discussion on the latest applications of NVH technology on whole vehicle, engine and auto parts.

More than 80 professionals, including representatives from Chana Auto, Chongqing University, Loncin Holdings, Jianshe Motorcycle, Lifan Group, Chana-Ford Automobile, and Chongqing NVH Engineering Center attended the symposium. The topics were well received with enthusiasm and interest.


Prof. Chengde Li (front row third from the left) with members of the Technical Committee of Chongqing NVH Engineering Center


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