Suzhou, 12 March, 2009 - GIF Research Center (GRC), the world's largest independent automotive testing service provider, replaced existing Early Failure Detection System with the next-generation technology by red-ant. The new technology, being initially developed for Formula 1, is capable of real-time analysis under high dynamic test profiles.

Installing the red-ant systems at all the test beds, GRC will be able to prevent catastrophic damage to their clients’ powertrains by shutting down the test beds upon the alarm. The red-ant systems allow the test services performed by GRC to be 100% documented. With the “what-happened-when” report, the test engineers at GRC could conduct quicker and more accurate diagnoses on the failures of the prototypes.

Sonus is the General Distributor and Service Provider of red-ant systems in China. Through the advanced Virtual Protocol Network, we provide instant after-sales and technical support within the matter of minutes.




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