Changchun, 24 April, 2009 - Prof. Chengde Li, President of NVH Committee, Society of Automotive Engineers of China and Managing Director of Sonus Technologies, conducted a 1-day training for experts in the industry.

Touching on the fundamentals of NVH as well as its applications on the development of complete vehicle, the refresher course was held in response to the high demand for specialized knowledge in the NVH field. Attendees included the Product Engineers from FAW-VW, Director and Engineering Team from Chanlin Technical Center, Chief Engineer and Product Engineers from the Changchun Chaowei Science and Technology Industry Corporation, and Product Manager and Engineers from Dadong Auto Parts. Given the rise in importance in noise control in vehicles, the timely workshop was well-received by the industry professionals.

As the leading expert in the field, Prof. Li has drawn upon his rich experience in theory and practice to offer industries and institutions with professional consultation and engineering services. His extensive knowledge in NVH has successfully assisted leaders in the industry to resolve problems encountered in the product development.




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