Suzhou, 3 July, 2009 - On 29 June -2 July, 2009, red-ant joints hands with GIF Research Center (GRC), the world's largest independent automotive testing service provider, to hold a total of 8 seminars on transmission testing. Experts from FAW-VW, SAIC, DFM, Chana, Geely, Brilliance Auto, Foton and other complete vehicle and auto parts manufacturers convened to discuss how, in face of the fierce competition in product development and ever-rising customer expectations, manufacturers could utilize red-ant technology to significantly cut costs and reduce product-to-market time.

Initially developed for Formula 1 race car transmission durability testing, the new generation early failure detection technology has been improved and optimized for commercial use and is now extensively applied in vehicle testing by leading manufacturers as Porsche, Mercedes and BMW. Adopting NVH principles, the red-ant system is able to send out pre-alerts to turn down the test equipment, preventing irreversible damage to the transmission and the dynamometer. Together with the detail “what-happened-when” report, the data supports a more accurate diagnosis for better manageability of the research and development process. The demo at the GRC test bed sparked wide interests in the product, giving rise to an exchange on the technological innovation and future prospects of development in transmission testing. 

Sonus is the General Distributor and Service Provider of red-ant systems in China. As a partner in research and development, Sonus has been committed to helping industries in supplying state-of-the-art technology for testing. From engineering consultation and solutions to testing and CAE, and construction of laboratories with integrated test equipment, Sonus is leading innovations that enable industries to be more effective and competitive.



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