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Battery Testing

Hugo-Junkers Award winner and leading global supplier of batteries and fuel cells, FuelCon's ability to innovate and continuously maintain high technical standards is widely recognised by government bodies and major manufacturers alike.

FuelCon offers state-of-the-art custom turnkey solutions and modular equipment for battery development and end-of-line testing that span a wide range of applications, thereby empowering users to meet the most challenging test requirements for the development of modern batteries and energy management systems. 

Monitoring of characteristic curves, analysis of degradation and cycle stability of the SOC or capacity is only one of the many necessary test tasks in the development of high performance batteries and battery systems. The Evaluator-B system, being high in precision and adaptability, allows users to compare, evaluate and optimise battery cells and systems as well as simulate all sorts of requirements according to the applications. 

FuelCon's Evaluator-EOL provides a manual, semi- to fully-automatic quality assurance solution for battery cells, modules and packs, its scope of test ranging from pressure and leak tests, insulation test and voltage proof, various performance tests as well as testing and integration of the battery management system (BMS), including the final classification  or good/bad decision. The highly efficient end-of-line testing system is able to run 24 hours a day without interruption, assuring your product quality without compromising on production efficiency.

With the use of cutting-edge power grid feedback technology, the power range for tests can work up to 1,000A / 1,000V / 1,000kW or even higher. FuelCon provides test chambers and environmental cabins with robust safety designs, suitable for tests of up to hazard class 7. Its powerful TestWork software offers a user-friendly, efficient, scalable and flexible solution for test operation and management. With TestWork, superordinated data management in real time could be made available at the client server system.

In addition to test systems for lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion), lithium polymer batteries (Li-polymer), nickel-cadmium batteries (NiCd), nickel metal hydride batteries (NiMH) or lead-acid batteries, FuelCon also offers evaluation and validation solutions for new batteries as Redox flow batteries and Zinc-air batteries.

All FuelCon products comply with ISO 12100 and ISO 13849 requirements.


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